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【毎日英語:検証Day 10】音読_TOEIC リスニング TEST-Part①②使って英語磨き!この勉強方法は効果的か?










【SCRIPT)TOEIC LISTENING TEST PART 1 and 2(リスニング・テストのパート①②のスクリプト)】

Introduction: listening test

in the listening test, you will be asked demonstrate how well you understand spoken English

the entire listening test will last approximately 45 mimutes

there are 4 parts in directions for given each part

you must mark your answers on the separate answer sheet

Do not write your answers in the textbook

Part 1


For each question in this part, you will hear four statements about a picture in your test book.

When you hear the statements, you must select the one statement that best describes what you see in the picture.

Then find the number of the question on your answer sheet and mark your answer.

The statements will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time.

Look at the example item below.

Now, listen to the four statements

A)The man is looking over the files
B)The man is working at the desk
C)The man is taking notes
D)The man is writing a report

Statement (B), The man is working at the desk, is the best description of the picture, so you should select answer (B) and mark it on your answer sheet

Now part 1 will begin



No.1)Look at the picture, mark no.1 in your test book.

a)They are rowing a boat together
b)They are lifting a robber boat
c)They are sitting at the water’s eadge
d)They are swimming in the lake

No.2)Look at the picture, mark no.2 in your test book.

a)Passengers are waiting at the airport
b)There are planes flying overhead
c)The airplanes are parked to the gate
d)The planes have already landed

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No.3)Look at the picture, mark no.3 in your test book.

a)The computer monitor is under the desk
b)The shelves are filled with books
c)There are books neatly arranged on the top of the desk
d)Papers are stuck on the floor

No.4)Look at the picture, mark no.4 in your test book.

a)One woman is leaning back her chair
b)The man is handing some documents to the woman
c)The people are sowing out the document together
d)The man is looking over some papers

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No.5)Look at the picture, mark no.5 in your test book.

a)They are serving food to the others
b)They are preparing food in the kitchen
c)They are arranging the plates on the table
d)They are helping themselves to some food

No.6)Look at the picture, mark no.6 in your test book.

a)He is getting on the subway
b)He is reading a notice on the wall of the train station
c)He’s strolling alone on the track
d)He’s standing alone on the platform

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No.7)Look at the picture, mark no.7 in your test book.

a)A waiter is serving food to the customers
b)There are people looking down from the balcony
c)Some patrans are waiting in line to enter the cafe
d)There are tables and chairs set up outdoors

No.8)Look at the picture, mark no.8 in your test book.

a)He is typing the keyboard
b)He is turning on the computer
c)He is taking notes
d)He is staring at the monitor

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No.9)Look at the picture, mark no.9 in your test book.

a)There are buildings near the shore
b)There is a boat floating on the water
c)Some ducks have landed on the lake
d)The trees are losing their leaves

No.10)Look at the picture, mark no.10 in your test book.

a)The jalets are open
b)The bottles are on the bottom shelve
c)The shelves are being stock
d)There are baskets of bread on the lower shelve


Introduction Part 2:

You will hear a question or statement and three responses spoken in English. They will not be printed in your test book and Will be spoken only one time. Select the best response to the question or a statement and mark the letter (A)(B) or (C) on your answer sheet.

You will here:Did you call the client today?

You will also hear:
(A)Yes, it lasted all day.
(B)The phone is on my desk.
(C)Yes, but she wasn’t in the office.

The best response to the question “Did you call the client today?” is choice (C), “Yes, but she wasn’t in the office,” so (C) is the correct answer. You should mark answer(C)on your answer sheet.


【No.11】Why is Mr. Maloney not in his office?

(A)Yes, that’s a good idea.
(B)He called in sick this morning.
(C)You can go in there and check.

【No.12】 You work in publishing, don’t you?

(A)No, thanks.
(B)I’m not finished yet.
(C)I edit children’s books.

【No.13】 Don’t you have a doctor’s appointment today?

(A)Yes, I’m leaving at 3:30.
(B)Really? You look healthy.
(C)Sure, I look some tests.

【No.14】 When do you want to meet for coffee?

(A)At the café downstairs.
(B)Later this afternoon.
(C)Yes, I’d love to.

【No.15】 Which T-shirt suits me better?

(A)You don’t need to wear a suit.
(B)The gray one.
(C)Right, much better.

【No.16】 How was the seminar yesterday?

(A)Do you angry with me?
(B)I enjoyed it.
(C)Good for you.

【No.17】 Have you handed in your assignment yet?

(A)Sure, I’ll give you a hand.
(B)It’s not due till Monday.
(C)OK, I’ll sign it later today.

【No.18】 May I borrow this magazine?

(A)Go ahead.
(B) The business weekly.
(C)How much is it?

【No.19】 Why did the company change its returns policy?

(A)Changing companies are always tough
(B)There were several customer complains.
(C)The old policy is available on the website.

【No.20】 Do you want to discuss the deal over the phone or in person?

(A)Yes, that’s what I want.
(B)I’m pleased it’s over.
(C)Let’s have a meeting.

【No.21】 Can I please use this phone?

(A)Well, it used to.
(B)I’d be happy to.
(C)It’s not working.

【No.22】 Our sign was damaged in yesterday’s storm.

(A)The weather looks fine now.
(B)Should we replace it?
(C)Who did it?

【No.23】 The printer is running low on toner.

(A)Thanks for sorting that out.
(B)Yes, the price is quite low.
(C)There’s more in the supply cupboard.

【No.24】 When did Jerry get back from Chicago?

(A)Yes, that’s correct
(B)To New Jersey.
(C)A couple of days ago.

【No.25】 Should I leave a message or would it be better to call back later?

(A)I would call back later.
(B)Did you get my message?
(C)I left it behind.

【No.26】 When will the new printer be installed?

(A)Yes, let’s get a replacement.
(B)Later today.
(C)40 copies, please .

【No.27】 Should I drop by your office before lunch or afterwards?

(A)I’ll be free at 10:30.
(B)I had a sandwich and a soda.
(C)No, I’ll drop it off tomorrow.

【No.28】 Do you know her address?

(A)She didn’t, did she?
(B)A lovely red one.
(C)It’s in the phonebook .

【No.29】 I think we should cancel the job search.

(A)Yes, I am still looking now.
(B)When was that decision announced?
(C)Yes, there are no good applicants.

【No.30】 I’m sure we can get a better deal for the property.

(A)That’s the proper way.
(B)OK, so let’s decline the offer.
(C)In that case, you’d better do it.

【No.31】 Where did you decide to put the sofa?

(A)On Monday morning.
(B)Yes, it looks good.
(C)By the window.

【No.32】 Who has the keys to the storeroom?

(A)Ask the receptionist.
(B)Please bring them back soon.
(C)No, I didn’t do that.

【No.33】 Did sales increase in the United States?

(A)The figures aren’t in yet.
(B)I already agreed to sell it.
(C)No, I’ve never been there.

【No.34】 How’s the weather there?

(A)It’s cloudy and windy.
(B)I hope so.
(C)Oh, that’s too bad.

【No.35】Where can I find the post office?

(A)It’s by the train station
(B)Let’s go as soon as possible.
(C)No, I can’t find it.

【No.36】Why did you get kyle for your anniversary?

(A)Yes, it’s next Monday.
(B)He gave me a diamond ring.
(C)Didn’t I already tell you?

【No.37】 Who’s taking care of the delivery?

(A)Ben said he’d do it.
(B)Okay, you too.
(C)To Paratai Drive.

【No.38】 The product prototypes are on display now, aren’t they?

(A)That’s just one type.
(B)Right. They’re next door.
(C)Yes, they are playing outside.

【No.39】 I want to speak to the marketing director.

(A)Mr. Jones directed it.
(B)It was a very moving speech.
(C)May I ask who’s calling?

【No.40】 Did you find out when the shipment will arrive?

(A)When did you find out ?
(B)I actually found it this morning.
(C)No, I’ll call the supplier back.



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